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  1. How to add a venue – using the Add A Venue feature. Click ‘Add A Venue’ on the green top menu and once you are on the add a venue page, log in. If you don’t have an account, then register. Registration is free, quick and easy. The registration link is on the right hand side of the home page screen below the login box. Once logged in, choose a plan. Select a venue category in the box titled ‘all venues’ then fill in the other details.
  2. Payment via PayPal is quick and easy. If you have used PayPal before you will have an account and your login will be an email address. If you do not already have a PayPal account then it is easier to set this up first before paying for your listing. Login at
  3. If you select 'Alternate Payment Method’ on the ‘Add A Venue’ screen, you will receive an email advising details for payment via internet banking, bank deposit and cheque. Alternative payment methods are available for Premium Listings and Group Premium Accounts.
  4. Viewing your listings: While logged in, select ‘My Venues’ on the right hand side of the screen.  All your listings will display. Choose one of your listings and click on the listing title to view your listing as it is seen by site users. You can use this view to assess aspects of your listings such as your photos, your Google map, and more.
  5. Editing a listing: Once you are logged in, select ‘My Venues’ on the right hand side of the screen.   Choose one of your listings and click on the edit listing function. Here you can check and edit details of your listing, e.g. address details, the capacity and category fields, tags (onsite keywords), your brief summary and venues description, and more.
  6. Tags are onsite keywords that enable site users to find relevant listings. Don’t post tags that describe details that are already part of your listing such as location or category as these are already part of your listing and are already searchable.  Use tags for unique or special features that describe your listing and which are relevant to the kind of enquiry you want to attract. You have 100 characters available for tags, and this includes spaces. Separate the words with a comma and a space.
  7. Photos: Free listings that have a photo display above other free listings. Listings with photos receive more attention.The photo that displays in the thumbnail and the first photo to appear on your listing is the one that you load first. Choose a photo that tells your story and is eye-catching.
  8. If you have more than 2 or 3 locations in NZ, and especially if you have many locations, please contact us and ask for details of our Premium Group Accounts. These accounts give your organisation its own category page and each of your locations appears as an individual listing under that. This allows for easy updating with a single login for all listings, and many other unique promotional options.
  9. Improve your enquiry rate: To attract more enquiries, to drive traffic to your website and to be seen ahead of your competitors, read about premium and enhanced listings.
Please contact us or see FAQs if you have a question or require info.