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Christmas Party Venues

The Christmas Party season gets earlier every year and this year it seems like everyone is having a Christmas Party. Plus there's all those mid-Winter Christmas parties planned for June. Another opportunity to celebrate the festive season!

Have you organised your Christmas party yet? Popular Christmas Party Venues are booking out fast.

But don’t panic – help is at hand with’s top Christmas party tips, Venue finder and Planner’s checklist.

Make your life easy and try our quick and easy venue search feature to find the right size venue in the right location for your party.

We have dozens of venues available for Christmas parties throughout New Zealand.

Try our super quick email contact page – type your enquiry once only and send it to as many venues as you want with one click. The venues will get right back to you.

We have a wide variety of venues and activities listed, just in case you want to do something completely different for this year’s Xmas party.

Use our Venue Finder to find the perfect mid-year or end of year Christchurch Christmas Party Venue or a Christmas Party Venue in Wellington, Auckland or pretty much anywhere else in New Zealand. 

We can help you find the perfect mid-year or end of year Work Christmas Party Venue or Private Xmas Party Venue and have heaps of info to help you plan the perfect Xmas party.


The best parties live on in everyone's memory long after the last glass of punch has been sipped and the last bite of dessert eaten. But the fuss and frustration of planning can be a big party pooper. All the details - what kind of party should we have?...who should we should we decorate?...what food do we serve? - can make even the most experienced organiser a little stressed. Planning the office mid-winter or end of year Christmas Party can be one of the most difficult jobs of the year, and coming up with ideas that suit everyone can seem like an impossible task.


Planning a Christmas Party

It's easy to think of the perfect Christmas party, but it's a whole other matter making it happen. As with any large project, the only way to ensure success is careful planning. On this page, we will give you some valuable tips for planning your Christmas party, from conception right through to enjoying the party itself.

We've included lots of party themes, ideas, venues and ideas for catering and refreshments that make it easy for you to pull off a spectacular event. Our tried-and-true secrets for party planning will ensure that your party will be remembered....for all the right reasons!


Free Christmas Party Checklist

There are so many little details to consider when planning any mid-year or end of year Christmas Party, you will usually forget something. So we have created a free downloadable PDF with everything we could think of for planning a Christmas Party, whether it is for children, youth or adults. Just go to the following link to get the Christmas Party Checklist in PDF format.

And make sure that you use our Venue Finder to help you find the perfect Office Christmas Party Venue, Staff Christmas Party Venue, Work Christmas Party Venue or Private Xmas Party Venue.

View Christmas Party Checklist >>


Chiristmas Party Tips


For work Christmas parties, let your workmates know that plans for the company Christmas party are under way. Ask them for their ideas and advice. Consider creating a party planning committee to receive the maximum participation. Encourage your colleagues to think of creative ways to celebrate. Provide a suggestion box so that everyone’s opinion can be heard.

Decide whether you are going to organise everything yourself, book a complete package at a venue, or hire an event manager.


Set a Budget

Here are some vital questions to answer at the initial planning stage:

  • • Who is paying?
  • • Do you have a sponsor?
  • • Will guests be contributing to the ticket price?
  • • What do you want to achieve and for how many guests?

Determine the budget as soon as possible. Schedule follow-up meetings discuss progress and make budget requests early.



Pencil in a few possible dates for your party or event. Popular venues are booked early. Pick a date that doesn’t clash with important work dates or deadlines. Holding the work Christmas party outside of business hours will get the most employee involvement.


Casual, formal or somewhere in between?

Decide on the overall level of formality of the Christmas party. A formal theme might suit the mid-winter Christmas theme, while a more casual theme might be more appropriate when everyone is winding down for the summer holidays. 

Consider the way things are done at your work. You want party guests to feel comfortable while keeping company traditions intact. Some companies opt for less formal Christmas parties to give everyone a chance to relax, while some opt for more formal Christmas parties to give everyone a chance to dress up.


Finding the right Christmas Party Venue

The most important factor for your Christmas party is the venue. Let us do the hard work of finding your venue. Use the venue finder tool on to source suitable venues by location, capacity or type and email them for date availability and further information using our one click venue contact feature.

We have hundreds of Christmas Party venues listed, each offering something unique. Just select the venues that suit the scale of your party and the atmosphere you are after.

Options include

Some venues offer all-inclusive packages while others allow you to arrange your own equipment such as marquees, tables and chairs. See our listings of party and event hire specialists, and our extensive listings of marquees and tents hire specialists.

When you talk to a venue, find out what is included in the price and what you will be paying for separately. Sometimes a cheaper price isn’t cheap once you add in all the necessary extras.


Catering and Refreshments

Do you want to fold your Christmas Party at a venue that provides all food and beverages or do you want to hire your own caterers?

Whatever you choose, ensure that your menu fits your budget and will appeal to all tastes. Provide vegetarian, gluten free and other alternatives and consider common allergies. For larger numbers buffets are often best, but for more intimate Christmas parties you might prefer set menus and table service.

Banquet catering allows you to provide large quantities of food in a unique way – most of the catering companies and larger venues offer this. Or how about supplying finger foods or canapés? This can be quite formal or quite informal depending on what you want to achieve.

Most venues are licensed and supply the drinks but a few offer BYO. In either case you would be well advised to make sure bar staff are included in the venue hire or hire a bartender yourself, especially for larger groups.


Choose a Theme

One decision before you finalise your plans and send out the invitations – what is the theme?

Select a theme that matches the intended mood of the occasion. Popular company Christmas party themes include “White Christmas,” “Winter Wonderland” and “12 Days of Christmas.” Base your menu and party décor on your theme to create a festive atmosphere. Avoid choosing recently used themes to invite freshness into the party experience.

Plan your dress code to match your theme. summer Christmas season in NZ can be warm so think carefully about dressing up, especially in the afternoon. And as we know, winter can be darn cold in some parts of the country, so perhaps the indoor venues may be more appropriate and cosy. However, don't discount a daytime outdoor event as many venues can look amazing during the winter months. Winter marquee events can be very sucessful as hire companies have a large range of heating options. 

Shop around for decorations and party accessories. Ask for discounts for bulk or early ordering. Choose the props around the theme you have chosen, and have fun! You can theme tables, dance areas and the catering area. If there are speeches, announcements, awards or entertainers etc consider dressing up a stage area. Depending on your budget this can be outsourced to an event theming company or maybe it’s a job for your social club or other volunteers.



The holiday season is packed with parties, so it's a good idea to send invitations out at least 2-4 weeks prior to the party, as early as possible for end of year Christmas events as its such a busy time and people’s diaries fill up early.

Decide how you want to invite people – paper invitations, email, Facebook, online invitation options. Make sure that your invitation covers these points:

  • • Describe the party
  • • Time and Date
  • • Dress Code and any theme
  • • Location and how to get there
  • • Whether a meal is provided
  • • +1s i.e. whether partners are invited
  • • An RSVP date - Not everyone will reply by your RSVP date so don’t hesitate to email then or give them a follow up call. Over-catering and under-catering for a party are annoying!

For fun invitations e-invitations check out these sites and


Keep Your Guests Entertained

Once your guests have been fed and watered you will want them to be entertained. Options can include speakers, comedians, dancers and magicians.

Consider arranging a sound system and suitable playlist (often provided by the venue) or maybe even a DJ. Christmas entertainment is booked out well ahead so make sure you get onto it early.



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