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Looking For Totally New and Unique Xmas Party Activities?

Trying to decide what to do to entertain the troops at your Xmas party this year? Tired of the same old cover bands? Exhausted with petanque and badminton? Had enough of those cheeky photo booth pics showing up in unexpected places?
Do you want something different and special to say thank you to your crew?  Check out the amazing hand painted vintage-style Zonko Bros carnival games on offer by Vintage Amusement Co. Based on Waiheke Island and serving the larger Auckland area, their items are truly something unique.
Bringing back joy and frivolity to an all too serious world, Vintage Amusement Co have created an authentic Olde Tyme carnival with a stunning array of hand painted games, booths, and props that your guests won't soon forget . The Zonko Bros Carnival is guaranteed silliness, it's easy to use and may be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Old favourites like coconut shy, fish toss and hammer strike will keep everyone busy and entertained for hours with their addictive nature, functionality and visual impact.  Enjoy summer fun and relaxing drinks while your team hurls bean bags, heaves hammers and flings rings with these extraordinary games - reawakening a time gone by when technology was simple and fun was how you made it.
Vintage Amusement Co. has several packages to choose from and is also happy to customise a Zonko Bros package to suit your needs. They can even create original games, props, and signage just for your event! Trained carnival attendants are also available to add that extra special atmosphere needed to create the end of year function people won't stop talking about.  Be different, be quirky, have fun and go Zonko!