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Do You Need To Advertise Online?


Is This Still A Question? 

It Was In 2007, Apparently

In 2007 when we started out in online publishing with the launch of Equine Trader and soon after, Venues NZ, we often had to explain why businesses needed to advertise online.

Back then, print still ruled.

Times have changed, in fact I can’t remember the last time I had to explain to someone the need for online ads. These days it’s often the opposite discussion. Many clients tell us that they only want to advertise online. But is that wise?

100% Online Advertising?

Mostly I’m not a fan of 100% online advertising with no traditional channels but I can understand why people want to go 100% online. In fact, in 2015 we added traditional media to our service offer - we wrote press releases, designed print ads and brochures, designed billboards and even a jump. And we created entire marketing and advertising plans from scratch. I can see the benefits to many businesses of PR and exhibiting at shows and events, especially with products that people want to see and touch.

Millennial Consumers – Researching and Shopping Online

Younger consumers tend to hang out online and do their product research and product price comparisons online, even when they make the final purchase in a shop. If your products aren’t visible to them in the places they visit online, they’ll look elsewhere.

US research shows that in competitive retails categories such as jewellery, 90% of sales start online.  The retail visit is often the last step in a buying cycle that occurs almost entirely online.

Unique Advantages of Online Promotion

Online campaigns have some significant advantages over print and other old school media:

·         Accurate targeting means fewer wasted ad serves 

·         Low cost per relevant view

·         Proof - Measurement and reporting. You know exactly how many saw and clicked an ad and how long they stayed engaged 

·         You can build and own your own audiences (e.g. email list, fans) rather than continually renting one from a publisher (i.e. rather than paying for print ads to reach your audience).

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